Taylor HouseCommercial Project

We wanted the masculine energy, that super male feeling, because, well, isn't that exactly what a clubhouse calls for? And we didn't stop with a 22' tall rock-climbing wall, actually, with that we'd barely begun. Loving the room's architectural appeal, we repurposed old corbels from a demolished building to mix the old with the now, and used brick arches (to define the space), and natural stone (to create separate spaces within the one large room.) Rugs from auctions, pieces we discovered, and color combinations of red/orange paprika and gold with rustic wood elements, gave us ways to create the mood of another era within a very modern landscape.

It's a space with a great vibe and lots of energy, and always the feeling that a party can happen at any moment. (But Clubsmen, beware of the unexpected element we found: wallpaper with a woman's eyes watching, always watching.)

They are good at coordinating “the noise” in a project. They don’t bring me the problems, they just take care of it. Working with them is “easy”; I like that Simplicity.