Blue...they love it. And so… we injected it. The sofas are a rich, prussian blue, the fireplace wall, a peacock blue--lacquered and striking, it’s his favorite room. Hers? The family room. Its very faint, kind of smoky, lavender was custom blended so we could get the absolute, just right hue. The coffee table, made of painted burlap on top of wood, is a perfect example of the textural and layered feel we were creating for the room (and home.) Even the art we selected ties back to the client’s love of layers. The piece here is by a local artist who creates her work using an Exacto knife and it’s made entirely of etched, cut paper on top of cut paper.

When the temperatures get cold, this family loves huddling around the fireplace. Sometimes they love just sitting there, sometimes they sitting and chatting (and sometimes a cocktail might make it into the mix, too.) But most times, they love just enjoying the fire’s beauty in their bright and light-filled home.