Greenwood ReserveCommercial Project

An out-of-state client chooses very different looks for their very different projects. For this clubhouse they chose high-end and luxurious; for us that meant that every gesture and detail, from the largest, grandest, to the tiniest and quietest, answered the question: What does luxury look like right here, and how will it be experienced by someone in the moment?

Early on, we realized the answer would be in a minimal, clean and sleek space. With architectural pieces that are beautiful and bold, we quickly decided that the interior architecture had to be the star, and the other pieces the supporting players. This brought every other answer into clear focus.

A rich palette of dark, yet vibrant, eggplant tones (which we had to pair with accents of gold--so shimmery and beautiful) set a tone of elegance. Look up past the chandeliers and light fixtures of translucent glass; look further past the glass pendants hanging at different heights and drawing up eye upwards--see how it reflects off its adjacent gold tile, and let your eye move up to a ceiling element we wrapped in wood, and lined with specialty wallpaper-- our final luxe experience that completes your eye’s upward journey.

Throughout the space, fabrics (velvet called out to us), and dark finishes, keep the theme of luxury alive. A water feature is encased in a rich, dark wood, the club room has a dark wood finish, dark wood trims and accent pieces we used to break up the tall space.

Artwork is another way we wanted people to experience luxury here, and we selected abstracts—with accent colors throughout. The pieces are striking, contemporary and so stunning they almost move from supporting player to star, but don’t quite because sculptural accessories move the eye away and across to-- a large gold ring on the coffee table, and a gold pedestal piece (that we had to balance with a natural piece of driftwood branches emerging from it) that welcomes you in the entry area.

At the project’s completion, when we saw how it all came together, we understood luxury in a new way. Here, luxury is beauty…revealed everywhere, and enjoyed by every one in their own very personal way.