Globally InspiredResidential Project

A well-traveled family looked to us to weave the themes of culture + travel throughout their home. Their life inspirations became our design inspirations, and guiding all of our decisions was their clearly expressed desire: to raise a child who’s aware, and a little awestruck, by our planet’s amazing cultures.

So it seemed only natural to begin in that child’s room, and we did…with draperies. We added the 3-foot bottom panel full of Asian influenced colors, patterns and people. Then, we moved to…fabric. The Puchin people of Columbia inspired the graphics on the chair pillow. Next up…the art, which let us weave together the story of the fabric and what was being seen on the wall. Here we created a (very enlarged) photograph of the process of making the pillow fabric. We ended our vision for this child’s room with a look upward…the ceiling. Hand-painted by a local artist, the details are whimsical, with a Moorish influence.