The family’s “world room” was inspired by the phrase “if these walls could talk…” And if they could, they’d tell us stories about where this family’s been and what they’ve explored. The built-ins we designed give them very specific places to showcase collected items from their travels: artifacts, art, textiles, and books…lots of room for books…on their wide-ranging passions: wine, design, all the places they’ve visited (and all the ones they intend to in the future.) We invited the same artist who painted the child’s room, to envision the “world room.” Her challenge? Take tribal patterns and re-interpret them on the walls of this warm, cozy room--the most used of all the rooms in this 1905 Tudor house.

When the family’s sitting here, the simple, everyday pleasure of seeing what they love, leads to the joy of remembering where they’ve been. And why it matters.