Gardens at EastonCommercial Project

With a name like “The Gardens”, we knew we had to create a unique space that drew on nature for inspiration. We wanted this clubhouse to feel as calming as the sea, as fresh as a garden, and as unique as the residents who would use it. We painted the paneled walls of the main sitting area a dark, navy blue. For the vaulted ceilings, we designed rustic columns with hand sewn timbers that catch the eye and elevate the space while retaining the feeling of home.

We sprinkled warm, natural reclaimed wood elements throughout the space that add to the “homey” feel we were going for. But, we like contrasts. We mixed the natural elemental wood pieces with dynamic patterns, bold colors, and unique trim details. Throughout the large, open space, we placed unexpected black and white patterns that contrast beautifully with richly colored fabrics that bring lively pops of color and personality to the room.

We always strive to bring the client’s unique style and brand to life. In the case of this clubhouse, the client’s brand informed two design choices: the navy blue anchored our palette and a verdant, live wall acted as a natural divider between the kitchen and the game room.
We wanted the clubhouse to be a place for kicking back, playing, and socializing. To that end, we made sure there were plenty of plush couches and chairs to sink into, a row of custom designed benches surrounding a pool table, and a kitchen complete with an island and chairs.

The Gardens at Easton feels clean yet classic, modern yet homey.