Clifton ParkCommercial Project

When you first walk into the Clifton Clubhouse what grabs your attention? The architectural pieces, or all the custom elements? We used lots of both, hoping to stop people in their tracks. Or, maybe, you were taken by the beautiful details of the iridescent blue fountain, to the fine Amish craftsmanship of the oak wood surface that looks like a knotty barn floor? Perhaps, what pulled you in, was the small army of forged metal little men who are climbing up the wall. In the Clifton Clubhouse, a hub amid the apartment buildings surrounding it, we want you to feel like you've entered an upscale, sexy and gritty contemporary space. Does it help that we've used natural woods to darker woods to textured glass to blue tile around the fireplace? We think so. Does it add to the hip, urban vibe that we found an artist to paint a mural that looks like someone sprayed graffiti on a entire wall? We hope so, because it's exactly what we were going for!

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