If you’re not sidetracked by the theater, or the fitness center, or the clubhouse’s business center, you may decide to settle in around the fire. On your way over, it’s possible you’ll pause for a cappuccino at the custom designed coffee bar. In a former life, a blank wall defined this space; we saw a more exciting existence for it--so we made it a focal wall. Brick is the backdrop; we finished it with a white wash, and put sexy dark cabinets below. A grand cabinet of heavily distressed, white washed wood is above; we made sure its scale was large enough to be home for two TVs, and that its architecture felt like it was meant to be there.

Maybe it’s the game room you’ve set your sights on, so that’s where you’re headed--plus, your eye is being pulled there by a such a pretty color--lime green, and the game room’s where you see it-- all around the trim. But once there it’s something else that intrigues you: wallpaper composed of tiny newspaper clippings all pieced together, bits of words, different colors, it’s playful and whimsical and it’s a perfect fit for a playful room.

We like to push the design envelope, and the client likes to push it too; they’re up for anything, and we both agreed that here edgy is good, and edgier is better, especially when it results in a clubhouse designed to be used and enjoyed everyday…and it is.