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Meet Our New Interior Designer: Michi Baez


Meet Our New Interior Designer: Michi Baez

Today on the blog, we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, Michi! Read below to learn about her background in design, interests, and why she joined the Crimson Team!

What were you doing before you began working for Crimson?

I grew up in the amazing equestrian community of Wellington, Florida! I may have only ridden a horse once, but living in Wellington has given me an appreciation and love for a humble life full of family, soccer games, and summer days in the pool.

For college I attended Florida International University in Miami, Florida. I graduated from the School of Architecture’s accelerated 5 year multi-disciplinary architecture program with a Masters in Interior Architecture.

After that I launched Michi Interiors where I worked with clients in Licking and Franklin counties, primarily focusing on projects in Grandview and Granville, Ohio.

Why switch to Crimson?

We all want to find where we fit in. When I launched Michi Interiors, I got really close, I thought I found where I fit in. I loved my work, I loved my clients, and I loved what I stood for; designing spaces that inspire happiness.

But I realized that I was missing out on the opportunity to work alongside other creative individuals. This collaboration was a top priority for me, and when I interviewed at Crimson Design Group, I knew I had found the right fit.

At Crimson I get to be (overly) excited about amazing fabrics with others, coproduce incredibly rich designs, and be nourished by other designers’ excitement and creativity. Not only do the Crimson designers and I benefit from this collaboration, but current and future clients will too. This next step in my career has me jumping out of bed in the morning!

I am so excited to announce I am bringing my love for thoughtful and beautiful design to the empowering team of talented female designers at Crimson Design Group.

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

I knew I wanted to be an interior designer when I first learned I could actually make a career out of it! I was 8 years old when I designed an espresso themed kitchen to inspire my abuelo while he made his exceptional café Cubano. This design project led to a love for creating beauty and my official role as the lead (and only) designer for my sweet Cuban family.

What is your favorite thing about being a designer?

I love getting to work closely with my clients, learning their stories, the things they love and what is important to them. By developing this type of relationship with my clients, I get to curate a design that reflects who they are and advances them to who they want to become. I really enjoy participating in such a personal process.

If you were a design style what would you be?

If I were any design, I would be eclectic minimalism. I love using one color palette to bring unexpected pieces together to tell a client’s story.

If you could be any piece of furniture what would you be?

Definitely a mid century minimalist accent chair. It would have an ashwood frame, rattan back, olive green plush velvet cushion and beautifully crafted mortise and tenon joints. I love the details! 

Photo 1 Credit: Pinterest

Photo 2 Credit: Pinterest

Any favorite hobbies?

I love anything art related, especially painting and ink drawings. When I’m not painting or drawing, you can find me running on a beautiful outdoor track or playing with my two Golden Doodles, Tucker and Oli. I love taking them for spontaneous ice cream runs to Whits and bragging about them to friendly strangers. What can I say? I’m a proud dog mom!

Favorite movie or book?

My favorite all around movie is “Home Again.” It is a down-to-earth romantic comedy about an interior designer in the throes of a divorce. In the midst of this, three men, an aspiring director, actor and writer become a part of her family’s life in an unexpected and wonderful way. A must watch!

In the summer my favorite move is Mama Mia! Two words: Meryl. Streep. The beautifully rich blue and white Greek architectural landscape transports me overseas in a matter of 90 minutes.

My favorite book is “Paper Towns” by John Green. I read this book while I was feeling overwhelmed during my master’s thesis in architecture school. It gave me a breath of fresh air and new perspective on the importance of spontaneity in my life. This book helped me learn how to let go of so much control, but sorry, no spoilers here!

Any guilty pleasures?

I love Edy’s chocolate ice cream topped with frosted flakes, the Lizzie McGuire movie, and the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton! 

Favorite place in the world?

I’d have to say my favorite place in the world is anywhere that I’m with my twin sister, Kelly. But I wouldn’t mind if we took a trip to Visby, Sweden and spent a day lounging at Almedalen Park ... it has to be the most charming corner of the world!

Photo Credit: Tourism On The Edge

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Design Trend Forecast: Spring/Summer 2019


Design Trend Forecast: Spring/Summer 2019

With every season comes a new wave of design inspiration and fresh trends. We know it can be daunting keeping up with all the updates and changes that come with the advent of Spring, so we’ve got you covered!

In today’s blog, we’re going to introduce you to three trends to watch for. Keep an eye out for future blog posts in which we’ll take you deeper into each one of these individual design aesthetics !

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Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

The first trend on our radar is a dreamy hearkening back to the domesticity of the 1950s, seen through a nostalgic lens. Think retro looks, color blocking, feminine details, and vibrant pastel patterns. Bright pops of color, large patterns, and design with a playful edge will make appearances this season. Use vintage furniture or look for new pieces that have soft edges and timeless appeal.

Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

The second design trend is right up our alley: global influences! Many designs this season will draw inspiration from the mountains and forests of South America, the terrain of the Australian outback, indigenous cultures throughout the world, and generally, a sense of cultural tradition, diversity, and history. Natural materials will be used heavily, interspersed with beautiful metallics. This trend invites you to find a welcome respite and escape, right at home.

Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

We’re seeing yet another trend this season that looks back in time for inspiration: Art Deco is back! This season keep your eye out for curved nouveau silhouettes, brushed metallics, and dusty shades of green, navy, and pink. Feminine details along with rich textiles will be layered with luxurious glasswork and metals. Thankfully this reemergence of the Art Deco trend will be updated and elevated by modern lighting and imaginative details.

Be sure to check back in next week when we’ll be discussing these trends more fully!