Meet Our New Team Member: Nate Blum

Meet Our New Team Member: Nate Blum

By Nate Blum

Although I’ve been with Crimson since September of 2018, many clients and friends haven’t met me! So, today on the blog, I thought I would introduce myself to you!

A Little Bit About Me

I was born and raised in Westerville, Ohio with my twin sister, Danielle, and my older brother and sister, Zach and Lindsey, who are also twins! Our parents, Phil and Lori, both graduated from The Ohio State University and instilled in us the desire to go to college and eventually become Buckeyes!

I began my college education at Columbus State Community College, where I studied nursing. During this time, I worked at a hospital and soon concluded nursing wasn’t the career for me. I took some time off to figure out my my plans for the future, during which I began working full-time at a local catering company. While working here, I realized how much I enjoyed consistently working with people, employing new organizational processes, and using my creativity to design food presentation. This job gave me insight for a future career, resulting in my re-enrollment at The Ohio State University.

How Did I End Up at Crimson?

In my second to last semester in college, I decided to leave the catering company and saw a job posting for an Office Assistant at Crimson Design Group. After a few interviews, I began working part-time as an office assistant and vendor relations coordinator! One of my first big projects was organizing and purging our Resource Library, followed by helping plan our office remodel. This past May, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Communications from The Ohio State University and began working full-time at Crimson! Since starting full-time, I have taken on a few more roles such as writing the blogs, helping manage social media and helping with installs.

What I Love About Crimson

What I love about working at Crimson is that I get to employ both my creativity and love for organization. Whether it’s helping designers accessorize during installs, find design inspiration, or creating documents with Adobe programs, there are endless opportunities to use the right side of my brain! But I also get to help organize the office, brainstorm processes and procedures and schedule different events. I love getting to split my time between design and day to day operations!


Whether it’s backpacking in a national park, taking a road trip, or fishing at my family lake in northern Ohio, I love anything related to nature. I have been to 23 national parks and love every one of them! One of my favorite trips was a three-week road trip with my friends where we hiked in ten different national parks and ended with a backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park. I plan on visiting a national park every year for the rest of my life!

Besides this, I love photography and propagating plants. I currently have more than 70 plants I’m growing both at the office and my home. What can I say? I guess I have a green thumb!

My Favorites

Keeping with the nature theme, my favorite movie is “Into The Wild”. Based on a true story, this movie follows college graduate Christopher McCandless who decides to run away from society in search of happiness. He embarks on an adventure where he visits many different states, meets a wide range of characters, and eventually ends up in the wilderness of Alaska. The storyline paired with the gorgeous scenery and soundtrack by Eddie Vedder results in an unforgettable film. A must watch for everyone! 

Because of this, one of my favorite soundtracks is Eddie Vedder’s album from this movie. His soft voice paired with his gifted mandolin playing is very different from the music he created while with “Pearl Jam”. However, my favorite artist of all time is Fleetwood Mac! Both of these artists should be included in any road-trip playlist!

Guilty Pleasures 

I have a lot of guilty pleasures when it comes to music, one of which is Shania Twain. I grew up listening to her with my family and know the words to almost every song. I’ve always loved her and always will! The same can be said for the Dixie Chicks… I know more of their songs than I’d like to admit.

When it comes to food, I love peanut butter, pickle and potato chip sandwiches!

Favorite Place in the World

It’s hard to choose a favorite place in the world, so I’ll give my top two. One of them is Lower Ottoway Lake in Yosemite National Park. This lake is only accessible by back-country trails but is worth the brutal, uphill hike. This crystal-clear lake sits at the base of Red Peak Mountain and is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever visited. What made this place even more special was the meteor shower that occurred while we camped there!

My other favorite place in the world is my family lake. In secluded Amish country, this pristine lake is the epitome of peaceful seclusion. Surrounded by rolling hills and farmland, this is by far my favorite place to spend a weekend with family and friends.

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