When I founded Crimson Design Group, I knew that I wanted to build a business that could make a difference, on a local and global scale.

About 7 years into Crimson’s lifespan I realized that while my work was letting my mind feel fulfilled creatively, my heart was feeling less than fulfilled, and I didn’t know how to change that. At that time, I struggled with the idea of how I could reconcile all of the wealth that I saw around me with all of the poverty that I had seen in other parts of the world. Because I felt very aware of the gap between those two worlds, I knew that I wanted to do something to connect them.  

I believe there are times in our lives when we feel called, or are prompted to do something. We can be stalled by the question, “Are we willing to take the risk, to go beyond our comfort zone and what we can control?"

I wanted to believe in what I was doing and that it could contribute more to the world than just my paycheck.  I wanted it to be something that lasted… something that created lasting, generational change.

At that point, the idea of giving $5000 felt overwhelming. We were still a fairly small company! It may seem small now but it was a lot to me, then. At the same time, I wondered whether this amount was even enough to make a difference. Would it matter?  

But very soon after, we gave to one of the first organizations we continue to donate to, Thirst Relief, and that gave me my answer.  The organization is about changing the world through clean water, and through donating to them, I learned that $10 provides 1 person with clean water for 25 years. From this first experience, I learned 2 incredibly valuable lessons, which I continue thinking about today, years and years later:  

1. There is no amount too small to give.
2. I needed to have vision beyond my resources.

Since then, philanthropy has become a cornerstone of our business. As such, I’ve decided to feature one of our charitable partners on our blog every month. This month, we’re featuring Thirst Relief!

Thirst Relief’s mission is simple:  To change lives and communities through clean water solutions.

Photo Credit: Thirst Relief

Photo Credit: Thirst Relief

A lack of safe, clean drinking water is still the largest crisis facing people around our world today. Water is the foundational building block, and first step, for any community in the developing world to begin moving toward self-sufficiency and stability. Yet, nearly 600 million people in the world live a life without faucets, running water, or water cleaning facilities.  

A child dies every 21 seconds from water-related disease. These deaths aren't simply caused by contaminated water, but also by a lack of access to proper sanitation and hygiene. Thirst Relief not only provides people with clean water, but also the knowledge of and access to proper sanitation that will be passed down throughout generations.

Photo Credit: Thirst Relief

Photo Credit: Thirst Relief

Thirst Relief offers biosand filters, well drilling, well repair, and wash campaigns for schools. They have helped more than 700,000 people and have worked in 8 countries and, as I mentioned, just $10 provides one person with clean water for 25 years.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved or donate, please check out Thirst Relief at https://www.thirstrelief.org/.  

Photo Credit: Thirst Relief

Photo Credit: Thirst Relief