Berkley HouseCommercial Project

Walk into this clubhouse and enter a modern lodge--one with a super hip, fresh vibe. Dark wood floors makes it feel intimate, furniture groupings make you feel cozy, and a huge fireplace makes you feel welcome.

We wanted the whole space to feel like an invitation to come in, kick back and let go, and taking the space’s traditional bones, then adding modern, industrial design elements for contrast, was the way we made it happen.

Architectural elements greet you as soon as you enter: flagstone columns with wood corbels on the top, then, using the same architecture throughout, we created zones. Contrasting the traditional is the black wood floor—which we finished with a pigment that lets white peek through the dark grain, giving the whole environment a modern, unexpected feel. The beautiful muted grays and the wood of the architecture are contrasted with oriental rugs, and rich, dark blue velvety fabric that’s used to help transition to the space’s other areas.
That’s if you want to go to the other areas, because you may want to stop into the theater first. You feel its retro vibe immediately when seeing its door: custom designed with glass, and dark industrial metal. Once in the room, striped carpet and chandeliers bring the feel of another era, but four large screen TVs remind you that you’re right here in the present.