Apex on PrestonCommercial Project

Designing a beautiful interior that sits amongst a beautiful exterior makes us happy; using nature’s inspirations to create inspiring spaces drives us to our happiest distraction. This Louisville, KY clubhouse had it all: soft rolling hills, lush picturesque landscapes, vistas that make it clear why the Bluegrass State is so well loved.

When we envisioned a genteel look and a gracious, homey feel, we knew we wanted to create the kind of place where a whole family could come and escape, be comfortable and find comfort. That’s when a beautiful, sophisticated farmhouse came to mind, one that’s full of history and happiness, so we got to work.

Drawing from nature, we created our palette from what we saw all around us: the blues of the sky, greens of the valleys and soft tones of the earth. Fabric selections--organic and natural--reinforced our decision to look to nature for our inspiration, and our choice of rustic wood tones was a constant reminder that nature never disappoints. (And our injected pops of bright orange reminded us that fun surprises don’t disappoint either.)