As soon as you enter, you feel the palette calming you. The floor, with its warm tone, sets a quiet mood throughout the whole space, and the lowered ceiling entry feels inviting. Lingering there is possible (but not probable) because from the entry, a large stone double-sided fireplace lets you see into the other room beyond. It pulls you farther in, it intrigues you, and you want to see what’s happening behind there.

The club room reveals itself and lives up to expectations: its vaulted ceiling, with heavy timber barn beams that we designed, adds beauty as well as interest (especially when we paired with it with three large industrial, metal chandelier fixtures.) Three sets of patio doors open to the pool from the back of the clubhouse, but we didn’t want people to just walk through, we wanted them to feel like they were someplace so special and so very refined, so here we created a reclaimed wood floor pattern. The wooden squares, with an x-pattern that’s repeated throughout, lend themselves to the genteel feel we were going for.

The space provides something for everyone: for those who want to come in and gather around the fireplace, for the others who want to pull a perfect cup of latte, for the many who come in, sit down and watch whatever sport’s on the TV, and for the others who head over to fitness center for a long workout at the end of their day. And then there are those who just want to sink into a comfortable chair and watch clouds patterns skim across the sky—because seeing nature unfolding is a nice way to spend an afternoon (or morning, or early evening.)