Meet Our Team Hello

We’re a small team with big commitments–to our clients, to each other, to great design, and always to a great design experience. Keeping it small is, like all our design choices, a deliberate one.

It’s just how we like it, because it lets us be the things we like to be: agile and responsive, absorbed in details, and insanely happy about keeping the focus on beauty.

People tell us we’re approachable, and we like that, too. We also like being experienced and accomplished, and our accomplishments run from new builds, to home renovations, to commercial interiors. We also like that our work brings us to places…both nationally and internationally: Ohio, New York City, Florida, Texas, and Costa Rica, to name a few.

CEO + Principal

When Cheryl founded Crimson Design in 2003, she wondered if it was possible to design joy. Thinking about it some more, she started wondering if joy could also be infused into the entire design experience. Many years, and even more projects, later, Cheryl knows the answer to both is, yes.

Experiencing different people and cultures, understanding diverse points of view, envisioning new design aesthetics that embrace a global perspective… these are the challenges Cheryl loves about her life (and her work.) They’re the ones that push her to grow and change, and that “keep things from ever getting stale.”

For Cheryl, a great design is about connecting where we’ve been with where we’re going, and a great life is about connecting what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with. And as long as it’s done with gratitude and in beauty, with plenty of unexpected discoveries along the way…and with enough time to host a great party, Cheryl is one very happy CEO (+ wife + mother + friend + beauty obsessive.)


“We see life first, and then reflect it through interiors.”

When it comes to a life lived well, Luis believes that great design plays an important role: it pulls us in and it also tells us a great story.

A story of the craftsperson behind a finished product.  And in Luis’ perfect world, he’d sit down with that craftsperson and ask about their life, what they love, and what they’re passionate about.

It could also be a story of the person who owns that particular piece…one that was discovered while traveling, or that’s been in their family for years, and passed down through generations. (Istanbul, Kyoto, Guatemala)  

Craftsmanship and quality; people, life and values. It’s what intrigues Luis about great design, and what also intrigues him about Crimson’s clients.

Design Director

“We include our clients in the whole design process, and develop it with them - that leads to a better outcome, because they were involved all along the way.”

Educated in Interior Design/Merchandising & Business.

Favorite room to design? A Living Room. A guest powder room. It is a smaller space where people can step out of their comfort zone and let their inner creative come out in bursts of color and texture.

If you were a chair? I would be a relaxing chaise lounge – in bright layered colors with fun, funky pillows – blue, purple – with a sassy vibe.


“Happy client faces and special influences from their lives inspire us to create fresh designs.”

Honors graduate in Interior Design, experienced in commercial and residential design from Chicago to NYC to Columbus.

Favorite room to design? A Living Room. It’s where you entertain and it especially reflects your personal style and taste while you socialize.

If you were a chair? I would be the midcentury Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner sophisticated, comfortable, unique and timeless. Versatile enough to cocoon you in a beach house or a downtown condo. 

Construction Designer

“I like getting to know clients like a family – seeing how they live in their space… organizing their thoughts and ideas into color, wall coverings, furniture; and making it happen. ”

Educated in Interior Architecture, with experience in commercial architecture and residential design.

Favorite room to design? Entry ways. They connect you to the outdoors and bring it in. They don’t require much but you can add a bold element to greet guests and set the tone for the whole home.

If you were a chair? I would be an Eames molded plywood chair. Classic and timeless with clean lines – in a natural, simple palette – well thought-out and elegant.


“It’s rewarding to be part of changing people’s lives in the most discreet ways – creating a new atmosphere with color or texture, focusing on functionality and ease--it’s all part of contributing to how someone experiences life every day.”

Educated in Interior Design and skilled in the fine arts of hand-rendering/drawing.

Favorite room to design? A Master Suite/Bedroom. As a personal retreat, it’s an exclusive, special place that offers a respite - where people can bring out their likes and wants, and express themselves authentically…maybe with a crazy color, or maybe with a unique architectural element – just for them.

If you were a chair? I am a quintessential and versatile, classic club chair, in any lovely shade of grey. Fun but regal, elegant yet cozy – the perfect blend.


"We help clients envision and understand the panoramic view – how the objects, patterns, and colors interact and create layers, revealing their experiences."

Educated in Interior Design and Marketing. Experienced in working with architects and designing interior environments in residential and commercial industries, from private homes to retail, hospitality and other industries.

Favorite room to design? A Family Room. It’s a gathering space in which to enjoy loved ones and to create using three (or more) dimensions – to mix functionality with the aesthetics of patterns, colors and bursts of individual personality.

If you were a chair? I‘m an iconic, mid-century Warren Platner lounge chair, resembling a sheath of wheat: feminine in shape with an organic green cushioned seat and backrest for comfort at just the right places and versatile with clean steel lines intricately constructed to echo natural beauty.

Project Manager

“Seeing all the ideas and elements transformed into reality to create that unique personal feeling with a pop of color surprise is…magic.”

Experienced in Business Management, Procurement, Finance, Vendor relations, Project management, Technology.

Favorite room to design? Kitchen…”a kitchen should reflect the cook” – Memories and heritage mixed with smart design makes the work fun and efficient as the stories are told. Generations and ingredients and The Beatles blended with a red Kitchen-Aid Mixmaster as your grandmother sings opera.

If you were a chair? I am a red retro chair with step stool –the peak of multi-functional design. Nostalgic and colorful, and taking multi-tasking to a whole new level of (purposeful) fun.

Business Development Coordinator

“Each client's vision is different so each design is unique and personable, not 'cookie-cutter'...clients can take inspiration from the livable art they've created, with our help."

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Music (Equivalency) in Classical Voice Performance; Experienced in administration, research, marketing, writing, communications and client relations in business and higher-education institutions.

Favorite room to design? A Library. Each book you read is a private portal to a new adventure, and a home library should represent that. With unique antique prints, a piano, a globe and giant bookshelves filled with colorful volumes and cherished mementos that make you happy and welcome you back.

If you were a chair? I'm a whiskey-brown, tufted leather Chesterfield armchair in a library, facing a fireplace for a “woman of all seasons” to sit in, listen to records, and read all day under a magically soft, comfy blanket...perfumed faintly with comforting scents of leather, varnish, and fragrant tobacco.

Design/Admin Assistant

“Our first intention is to benefit the people we meet - expressing art and beauty while taking care of people in need is unique and the best way to serve our clients."

Bachelor’s of Music in Opera, Musical Theatre Performance and Communication, with a focus in Post-Modern studies.

Favorite room to design? The Kitchen, of course--it’s the heart of the home, plus…I’m Italian! Infused with warmth, made for guests, and with lots of seating so they can enjoy the experience of eating the most amazing pasta.

If you were a chair? I’d be a wing-backed occasional chair –not the centerpiece of the room, a bit off to the side. Intense, bright, energetic and with passion bursting from its structured boundaries.