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Crimson Design Group was founded in 2003 and began with passion…a passion for great design and its potential to impact lives. Since then, we’ve created interiors for individuals, families, and businesses that reflect their hopes and passions, their actions and adventures.

Today, our business has grown to a multi-function design and administrative team. With our design credentials, years of experience and talent comes an ongoing focus on delivering our core values: respect for quality, pride in craftsmanship, and the experience of beauty.

We take pride in anticipating our clients’ every need, and this, in turn, allows us to bring the highest level of personal service to create homes and environments that are a foundation for life. By adding the new, subtracting the old or refreshing with what’s current, Crimson’s design point of view and creative insight produces a singular look for your project.

I would describe Crimson Design Group as professional, conscientious, cutting edge, fun - they take pride in their work – and people notice.
We're passionate about great design. We even named our company, Crimson, because to us, it's the color of passion. It's a word we love and one that inspires us.

Why are we so passionate about great design?

Because we believe it impacts lives, it adds layers of meaning, and it can open a door to live life more fully.

Design is never stagnant; it's always moving, and that's how life is, too. And in our interiors, we want design to reflect life.

One big part of our work is about translating.

Translating emotions into materials. Translating intangibles into tangibles. And those memories we hold in our minds? We translate them into objects we hold in our hands.

We call it design translation, and we think it’s what lets us create interiors that are all about our clients…always.

We find those pieces that will always have a place in your interiors. You’ll always love them.

They’ll always make you happy. (If you move 12 times in 3 years, other things may not be making you happy, but your timeless pieces always will.) They’re rich with meaning, and they create a strong emotional connection in you. They tell the world where you’ve been, and make it clear you know where you’re going.

We approach color fearlessly. We embrace it. We often say, we “inject” it.

Welcome to the world of Crimson Design; we’re happy to share our passions.